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Walnut 4'x6' Spartan (Omnivore configuration) with widthwise hardwood leaves and Shoji door upgrade.Walnut 4'x6' Spartan (Omnivore configuration) with Shoji door upgrade and bamboo game vault floor upgrade.Walnut 4'x6' Spartan (Omnivore configuration) with Shoji door upgrade, hardwood leaves partially removed.Corner closeup of finger joinery.4'x6' Spartan (Omnivore configuration) and maple 8 Hour Stool.Rail bin and rail desk playing support to Cup-holder (Rail System accessory).  Open storage drawer down below.Walnut 4'x6' Spartan (Omnivore configuration) with Shoji door upgrade.Command stick maneuvering the Leviathans fleet.Walnut 4'x6' Spartan (Omnivore configuration) with Shoji door upgrade. Sliding doors opened, shelf bisecting, hung drawers.


The Spartan

A battlefield worth fighting for


Combat simulations require sufficient time, space, and logistical support. The Spartan is the triumvirate of your ideal conditions.

Hate losing game time to setup? Set up once, break down once. The Spartan will protect a game in stasis until you can launch the next attack. Never lose your place, never end a day with war journalism, and never again lie back and think of England.

With extensive shelving for your games and terrain, and indexable drawers for your treasured miniatures, the Spartan offers more space than any other Geek Chic table. Keep your arsenal close at hand, but hidden from view, so your focus stays on the battle at the fore!

It's time to fight in the war room.


The Spartan is a dedicated standing-height game-room table.

Play surfaces range from 3'2" x 5' to 4' x 8' and allow most generals plenty of room to wage war in style. Not enough? For you, Alexander, we can make custom sizes like 4' x 12'. And yes, of course you can get it tournament size.

Designed with war gamers in mind, this large, commanding piece of furniture needs its own space-- but has enough storage to reclaim at least one closet from your sprawling terrain collection.


The Spartan includes your choice of wood (cherry, maple, oak, or walnut), clear finish, standard door style, rail system, bottom shelf, choice of game vault depth, choice of corresponding height, white vault floor, acrylic layer, and a suction cup (to lift the acrylic layer).

Wood Choices

Geek Chic furniture is all hand-crafted from strong, straight-grained hardwoods, all sustainably sourced here in the United States. Choose between American Cherry, Hard Rock Sugar Maple, Quartersawn White Oak, and Black Walnut.

Cherry Maple Oak Walnut


Game Vault
All Geek Chic tables offer a dropped surface we call the Game Vault, where your games and maps are kept safe, flat, and spill-resistant.

The Spartan's game vault offers a variety of different depths to accommodate your favorite games. Where most of our tables come standard with a 2 1/4" game vault depth, The Spartan can go up to 4 1/4".

Rail System
The Spartan comes with the Rail System. This system lets you hook accessories into it anywhere around your table-- from cupholders, to writing desks, to all those extra bins you'll need to keep your armies close at hand.

Table Height
You can go Counter Height or Bar Height in correspondence with your vault depth:

Vault depth of 2 1/4' = 36" or 40" height
Vault depth of 3 1/4' = 37" or 41" height
Vault depth of 4 1/4' = 38" or 42" height

One of the Spartan's main draws is the large space below for storing your games, terrain, minis, and painting boxes. Shelves and drawers are an option depending what you intend to store!

Door Package
Enclose your storage space in style. Door styles currently available are Standard, Shoji, Deco, French Provincial or Greene & Greene-- Standard is included in the base price. You can upgrade to a different style if you're feeling fancy.

If you have a particular style you want your Spartan to blend with, let your Valet know. They can make a custom enquiry for you.


We offer three styles of Spartan, each catering to different gaming needs:

For war-gamer purists
Includes the foundation table, standard doors, a storage shelf with drawers, no set backs for extra storage space, and a velvet lid.

RPG & Tabletop
Includes the foundation table, standard doors, a set of hardwood leaves, leaf guards, a storage shelf, and set backs (for leg room).

For those who play it all
Includes the foundation table, standard doors, a set of hardwood leaves, leaf guards, a velvet fabric inset, a storage shelf with drawer, and set backs (for leg room).


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Read about our ordering process